Project logo: a gold outline of a fox on a red background.

We started a fox and coyote research project in and near the Twin Cities! The project will map habitat use, assess diets, and measure disease prevalence for foxes and coyotes in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Studying foxes and coyotes will help us to understand how they use urban settings, provide information to managers, and demystify them for area residents.

This project is being conducted by the University of Minnesota, with help from Three Rivers Park District, Friends of the Mississippi River, USFWS, Bloomington Animal Control, and many other municipalities in the Twin Cities Metro Area. It is funded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, following recommendation from the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (https://www.lccmr.leg.mn). TCCFP Principal Investigators are Nick McCann (Project Manager; https://mccan062.wixsite.com/nmccann), James Forester (http://foresterlab.cfans.umn.edu/), and Meggan Craft (https://mcraftlab.wordpress.com/people/). Geoff Miller and Katie Worsley-Tonks are Ph.D. students on the Project.


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